Saturday, December 17, 2005


Senate Democrats Take Leave Of Senses

They are filibustering the Patriot Act reauthorization and holding enough votes to prevent cloture. The NYTimes headline of the story says all there is to be said:

Supporters of Patriot Act Suffer a Stinging Defeat in Senate

You see that? The headline is not about the act, it's about the politics and the politics are what's driving this, pure and simple. This filibuster comes, by the way, after the Senate/House conference to reconcile previously passed bills.

It cannot be put any more simply than this -- The Democrats are willing to place your security at risk for the sake of partisan politics.

So what do you do? Well, if they want to play partisan politics, let's bury them.

Light up the Phone and the Email.

Here's the phone list -- if you see a "D" after a name -- give them a jingle and an email. Bury 'em.

By the way, there were four Republicans (not for long) that voted with the Dems. Hugh Hewitt has the info on them here. They truly have taken leave of their senses, they lack even the political motivations of the Dems.

Here is the most important fact to remember. Do you recall in the wake of 9-11 all of the talk of "the wall?" That was the bureaucratic barrier between United States intelligence services and law enforcement services. Thus, say the NSA learned of a nuclear bomb planted in the country, they were not allowed to tell the FBI to go stop it from going off. Also remember American intelligence services are forbidden by law from doing any operations in the US. Thus the wall virtually guaranteed that the bomb would go off. The Patriot Act is the legislation that took that wall down. Now, as of December 31, that wall will go back up.

We cannot afford to let that happen. Get on the horn and let 'em know -- NOW!


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