Friday, January 13, 2006


Radical Is Scary

Yesterday I ended a post on "the great gifts brouhaha" with these words
I'd much rather spend my time seeing if I can figure how to be that radically Christian. If I can, God will tell me whether He is still handing out the gifts or not and I won't have to worry about what everybody else says.
Refelcting on those words, I was reminded of this Unveiled Face post from last weekend. Mick is talking about Aaron entering the Holy of Holies and he writes
Aaron was coming closer to God than anyone else ever did, and without a mediator this was not a safe place to be - God is a holy God and indeed a consuming fire.
Suddenly I was afraid of the words I had written just the day before. We tend to think of the phrase "fear of the Lord" as "awe of the Lord" but I am struck that perhaps "fear" is the right word. God is and should be scary. Mick goes on to talk about Christ as our mediator and how he makes it possible to approach God. Mick says such an apporach can be made "confidently." I'm not sure.

Aaron's sons had died trying to make the approach. A mediator makes the approach possible, but under the circumstances, I'd be making the approach behind the skirts of the mediator, like a terrified small child. Maybe I won't die, but that does not make it any less terrifying.

I wish to witness the full glory of God, but I am so ill-prepared and ill-equipped.


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