Monday, April 17, 2006


Links O' Plenty

I tend to think about the only thing you get when you mix environmentalism and politics is problems, but I have never denied there are real environmental problems that need real solutions. Could this be a step in the right direction?

Dadmanly wonders what's really behind the recent attacks on Runsfeld.

Mike quotes Faramir on the fear of the Lord.

Nature heals itself - funny how that happens. Is it possible God had a pretty good idea what He was doing when He created it?

When a Christian takes the "battle against science" a little too far. Mostly meaning they are clueless what the discussion is really about

Must know information.

Two great posts from GospelDrivenLife on Christian mid-life crisis - here and here.

Please pray for this guy. The Lord and wisdom are in his struggle - I hope he discovers it.

Dadmanly on media, military, and morale.

Schism? I wish someone would convince me its a bad thing.

Rick makes me laugh.

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