Tuesday, May 23, 2006


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When the public is not afraid enough - change the risk assessment.

What's Star Trek got to do with it? Makes you wonder about Shatner though...

'Bout time someone tried to rein this stuff in a little.

How come kids get it? - when so many adults don't.

Insert your own gas-passing joke here.

This scares me. It doesn't take the question at all seriously, sounds like a 9-year-old dreaming about being Superman.

RCP Blog says the Guvenator's in "the driver's seat." The NYT says the Dems need a 'superhero" to beat him. They don't need a superheor - they have him.

I guess it's not so hard after all.

If only it had actually killed her career.

That must have been some dog! Krypto maybe?

Maybe even all of West Virginia

All for Republican Victory!

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