Friday, June 23, 2006


I Just Love The Smell Of Links In The Morning

Once again we learn that when it comes to environmental concerns - There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Unfortunate airline name. I surprized they had any passengers.

Lost in the PC(USA) dismantling itself. Joe Carter along the same lines.

An interesting way to talk about sin. But we probably still need to remind people it is sin.

Yeah well, I STILL love the place.

Think about it. Great stuff.

In my business, I've met hundreds of this guy.

It is now necessary to have a permit to take a dump. Anybody besides me think that is just a little too much government oversight?

This makes far too much sense.

Praise the Lord this is not my line of research.

Mark Roberts continues on PC(USA). Mark, something to think about - what the vote does is change us from a denomination to a convention. We just became Baptists.

When it comes to black holes, he knows more than almost anybody, but not when it comes to climate. Keep your nose in theoretical physics where it belongs.

I was going to write about this until what I wrote about happened. Amen.

Oh My... Is there no limit to self-absorption? (HT: Nancy Pearcey)

He's in St. James Palace, London. (For those not into the Brit scene, that's the official residence of Charles, Prince of Wales - now it;s funny joke, isn't it.)

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