Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I Get Up, I Get Down, I Get Links

Here is a serious example of politics bending science. In science it not supposed to be about who thinks what, you are supposed to be able to tell true from false FROM THE DATA!

I'm happy for him, but I would like to get there before I die.

YES! (HT: Blackfive) That's go-o-o-o-od blogging!

Why? This is one of the ways the union movement has gone very, very wrong. Thay have become PACs, more interested in politics than workers.

Vegans and "environmentalists" join together - can't be good.

This pretty well sums up why I don't go to Comic-Con. Besdies, when I put on spadex, it's not really a "costume" - it's a billboard.

I've been to about half of these, and the lack of crowds is enjoyable. However, they are a tad inclimate (I'm being kind)

How to make your new car not seem so cool.

"Imponderables"? That's a lot of writing about something I can't think about...

This one's for you Ken

How many games did we watch that started just this way? I miss you buddy!

Answer: NO!

Because such things interest me - even if they interest no one else.

Pha love Pa! Here's the reference for those that can't put it together.

Further study is likely to reveal it actually sucks knowledge from your brain.

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