Friday, September 22, 2006


Links In The Key Of Life

Yesterday I linked briefly to the lawsuit Bill Lockyer (California Attorney General) has brought against auto makers for global warming. I may have taken it too seriously. As has been pointed out, the choice of defendant is a bit too narrow and the state should be including itself for actually bulding the highways. Hey the federal government too! Of course, Dan Weintraub is willing to name himself a defendant. Come to think of it, Lockyer "contributed to global warming" in the very preparation of the litigation itself - from the generation of the electricity that powered the computers it was written on, the internet is was researched on, oh and the lights in the room where he and his staff sat. They all had to get to work, or buses. Then there are the CO2 breathing trees destroyed to make the paper, and the delivery of the papers to the court, in a car. Can I sue Lockyer for suing?

And now, the real reason behind global warming politicing becomes way too readily apparent - Moving money around - to places that cannot really earn it. Btw, note who is in the background in the picture - it speaks volumes.

Speaking of the great narrative of global warming...Last year's monstrous hurricane season and this summer's heat wave are consider "possible evidence of global warming" and require millions of dollars to investigate. But the fact that global temperature has decreased the last three years - that's just evidence that warming is trend, not a straight line. Does anyone see a problem here?


Climbing three flights of stairs - 30 calories. Candy Bar - 400 calories. Not keeping the right perspective - more costly than you can imagine.

Friday time-waster

I like the way this guy thinks. Now, how do we incorporate the best of the house church in our church?

An interesting perspective on the Presbyterian publishing fiasco.

And you thought chemistry was boring.


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