Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Links Of Learning

From bad politician and presidential loser, to despicable, bottom-feeding, scum-sucking jerk. I give you John Kerry:

I cannot respond nearly as well as Dadmanly - Repsonse 1 - Response 2

Bear in mind, this man was, and to some extent still is, his party's standard bearer. Consider that as you vote next Tuesday.

No research, only fear, and mysterious unnamed contentions of "withheld" research. Dear friends, more than one environmental issue has been born of such fear mongering.

I had no idea they could read!

Would that more pastors were willing to make public confessions of thier failings. Not only would they receive forgiveness, they would model much for the church and we would all be better off. The long story is no excuse, he concludes with the words "I failed" the Christ longs to hear for from them, He can remake us.

All about GodMen. I am willing to say that my brand of church (PCUSA) is a feminized. But we arrived at that state by worrying more about women and their role than God and His. In attempting to reverse the trend, men should not make the same mistake.

This is getting old. It is so nakedly political and it has become "the message" of the left. How many times do we have to say, it's not an either/or thing.

There are jobs and then there is this.

This is a story that should have a song written about it. You know like this:

Ministry? - or does this say it all:
He loves pageantry and he also, it almost goes without saying, wants to save souls. "Sin destroys and Jesus saves," he says. "That is the message that Hell House creatively imparts." Inspired by Jerry Falwell's "Scaremares" from the 1970s, Roberts launched the first Hell House in his church in 1993. Three years later, he created a Hell House "kit," now available for sale online, which contains a script, a sound CD and a 263-page instruction manual. The kits retail these days for $299;

Halloween crimes - the post mortem. Even more. And finally, the french never get it.

And then it eats the local community and another SciFi movie is born. Speaking of which - here's another plot starter.

Add some deep-fired Snickers and I could die a happy man.

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