Monday, November 13, 2006


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When it comes to global warming - the debate is becoming just a bit strained. We've seen free speech prohibitions suggested and now comparisions to terrorism - even worse, naked application of political pressure. You know, a sure sign you are losing the debate is when you get shrill.

Laer finds even more over-the-top rhetoric and points out its real source - communistic thought. See proof. So, is totalitarinism in pursuit of "good things" a good thing?

However, when political over-speak doesn't work, maybe scientific over-speak will. Just once I'd like to see stories like this that include actual data and not just mentions of Kyoto.

Nonetheless, I am very glad to see that the most important environmental debates are reaching the highest levels.

This is the end of something romantic, but no place on earth has represented naked capitalism as well as Hong Kong - at least until a few years ago. I think people there have bigger fish to fry right now.

How long before something like this happens with a "praise song?" And what will it say about the church?

Lots and lots of Iraq talk. I think there may be more going on than the general public knows, but let's not get all conspiracy theory. Let's not pull out either - it's too vital. The Dems have to call for withdrawal, they flogged it until elected, weakening the national will for the sake of power, but if Bush gives it to them it will be nothing short of disasterous. You don't solve problems by walking away from them. It is not a winner. A warrior's view - to leave dishonors such people, says their efforts were for naught - HOW DARE WE!

This is no time to cut the military budget. There was a time a dolphin could not get near a carrier group undtected.

The story I never thought I'd see.

This takes all the fun out of it - the idea is to think you sound like someone that really knows how to play.

The holidays are apporaching and things are slowing down a bit - waste some time.

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