Monday, June 08, 2009


The Case For Anger

Back in March, I wrote about the proper role of anger in our lives. Well,Mark Daniels had further thoughts in a sermon about the same time. Mark has a very different personality from me as evidenced by this simple statement:
I must confess that anger doesn’t come easily to me.
I find it all too easy to come by. But we both agree:
But if we can find a way to use our anger, putting it under the discipline of God, it can become a force for good.
Because of his very different personality, Mark comes at the issue in an entirely different fashion than I did, which makes his sermon valuable reading for anyone that read mine. His three mainpoints

Note the lack of self or self-expression in any of that! This is perhaps the key point for our Christian lives in general, it's not about us. Where anger goes wrong is that it is usually about us feeling wronged, rather than about objective wrong. Which makes Mark's concluding remarks so powerful:

Today, commit yourself to harnessing your holy anger—the anger that comes not from selfishness, but from the love and passion of God for people in need around you--and using it in positive, productive, proactive ways.

Burn for God and let the world see the glow of Jesus’ love in you.

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