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Astute comic fans will have noted a lack of all things X-Men in this space. That is because I am not a huge fan, which puts me in a decided minority. The X-Men comics took off in the 1980's and have now evolved to a point where they are practically an independent publisher. There are so many mutant-based X-titles and miniseries and one-shots, and, and, and... that one could never deal with anything else.

Much of that comes from the pen of Chris Claremont. Which is why I am not a big fan. Claremont was, and is, renown for writing meandering stories with lots of seeming dead ends, or hints at things to come that ended up being the next story arc, or a spin-off, or a whole new title, or tantalizing you and then disappearing into the unknown. One had to take notes to know what the hell was happening in mutant land. That is way too much work for comic books.

But the preeminent mutant bad guy was invented by the best team in comic history - Lee and Kirby - and he is the malevolent Magneto! On a mission to save mutantkind from humanity's fear of them, Magneto is willing to simple eradicate homo sapien in favor of homo superior.

As is always the way with bad guys, his popularity has lead to his mellowing. Now he seems content to simply set up his own country where mutant can live in peace, away from the fear of lowly normal people. But international incidents abound, and oh wait until the two great monarchs, Magento and Dr. Doom decide to square off. That'll be epic.

His powers are supposed to be about magnetism, but over the years they have grow to simple mastery of all things metallic - which may make him the only guy that can permanently hurt Wolverine - maybe.

The X-Men movies are some of the most popular of the super-hero flicks and Magneto features in all of them. For what it is worth, the scene in X3 where he moves the Golden Gate bridge may be one of the coolest in super-hero movie history. Deal with it Supes.

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