Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Cool or Uncool?

In The Agora links to a story from local Seattle television:
The Mars Hill Church in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood is not your grandma's church. On Sunday, the pastor's sermon was being broadcast on large video screens to accommodate his laryngitis and the congregants in church were broadcasting on their iPhones.

They weren’t talking, but “Twittering,” typing in brief thoughts or messages for their friends to read in real time.
OK, first question - what don't we know?

For example, radio show hosts now use twitter to monitor audience reaction to what is going on on the show and may modify it on a moment by moment basis. Now for radio, that is a good thing. But, do you think the pastor here was monitoring the Twitter feed and altering his sermon as the reactions came in? Does the praise band adjust the play list based on congregational response?

Lord help us if such is the case.

Not to mention, media is no substitute for message. Have you ever thought about God's sequencing:

The Word become flesh...

The Word could be messaged, but God decided such was insufficient, it had to be embodied. It seems like as media capability increases we are trying, somehow, to reverse that process. It is usually not good to try and reverse the direction God has set.

Should people get feedback on what is happening in your church? - of course they should, but we should be in their face when we do it. we need to "press flesh" as it were.

I find it fascinating. People that want to be president of the United States spend months or years traveling - they try to touch as many people as they can, personally. Why is it those that minister in God's name seem to be working, tirelessly, to find a way to never leave the office?

Something to think about, isn't it?

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