Monday, June 15, 2009


Finding Success

Jared Wilson makes a good point, but...
Will you be faithful to your call, even when it seems fruitless? Are you committed to Jesus and His glory in your ministry, and not towards numbers? God is in charge of the results as long as we are simply obedient.
"But what, John?" you may ask.

OK, here's the deal - this seems to measure being a good Christian by being "in ministry." We need to be faithful in all things. "Our call" is not necessarily to preach, or teach, or work with kids, or.... It may be to be a good husband, or a good father, or a good environmental consultant, or whatever.

This still appeals to "results oriented" faith. It is just a different view of what a person of faith "produces." But what a person of faith really does is live better.

Think about it...

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