Wednesday, June 24, 2009


News Of The Day

There were a couple of "in the moment" news items that deserve mention here today. The first was this story out of Massachusettssetts on a church caught in a toxic land issue. (HT: Evangelical Ecologist) This is the first such story I have seen, and I am surprised. Such contaminated soils how I make my living and it is quite common and quite problematic. These cases can take decades. The simple question "Is it safe?" has no simple answer, at least not legally, and any answer takes a significant investment just to collect data.

Churches often lack the legal and technical sophistication to even know where to begin in a situation like this. If your church, or church property, is in such a bind, please drop me an email. I have anet work of Christian professionals and we would all be willing to do this as inexpensively as humanly possible to help a church.

The second story is the formal disunion of the EPiscopalian Church. A necessary but lamentable move. Which is why this follow on story bothered me.
The Rev. Rick Warren brought hundreds of former Episcopalians to their feet in applause Tuesday when he called their exodus from the denomination "a historic event" and said God was "calling you out" of the Episcopal Church.
Sometimes we are forced by circumstance to do things that should not happen. The disunion of a denomination is one of them. There is no cause for celebration here. Again, I do not argue the necessity, only the applause.

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