Saturday, July 25, 2009


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I love bad guys that are just pure bad. For a long time, even as comics began to "mature" into the shades of gray and degrees of evil we have today, one such engine of pure evil was The Brood. These insectivorous body snatchers were reminiscent of the Aliens that battle Sigorney Weaver, but actually came first and had the capability to speak an reason.

My first encounter with The Brood, like almost everybody, was in their first appearances in the X-Men comics. Like all Chris Claremont creations they seemed to appear from nowhere and the storyline had no reasonable conclusion, only to be picked up issues later when you had forgotten them completely and had to go back to your old issues to figure out what the H*&^ was going on.

But alas, these engines of destruction had to get complicated. In the Planet Hulk story line, one actually joins the jolly green guy to save a planet. Of course, he does so out of seeming self-interest, but nonetheless can you hate them completely after such a "noble" act.

There is also the question of whether his ability to do such admirable things was because of his distance from others of his kind, eliminating the hive mentality of The Brood.

Can a Brood liberation story line be far behind? Crying shame, I like pure evil every now and then. It justifies extraordinary violence in pursuit of comic fun!

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