Monday, July 20, 2009


Say It Ain't So...

Amy Ridenour reports...
The Obama Administration is considering the possibility of applying Title IX of the Civil Rights Act to force colleges and universities to mandate that half of all students taking science, engineering, math and technology classes be female.

Since it is illegal to force women to take these classes, the most practical response to this mandate by colleges would be to limit male enrollment in these courses.

Title IX is the law under which numerous men's college sports programs were closed so that the number of women and men participating in college sports programs could be made equal.
That could be the dumbest policy consideration I have ever run across. We are going to prevent people that want to do science from doing it for the sake of those that do not. That sounds like a ticket to the Dark Ages to me.

While touring Hadrian's Wall a couple of weeks ago, a guide blew his tip from me by commenting that it was the coming of Christianity at the time the Romans left Britain that created the Dark Ages - flying in the face of any reasonable understanding of the historical record.

This maneuver would end scientific advancement in our nation faster than any possible religious movement could dream of.



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