Saturday, August 22, 2009


Comic Art

Sometimes, you enter the store and start leafing through the comics, and you come across something that just sort of makes your hands tremble a little. You haven't read the story, but the layout and art just excites you. Such was my reaction when Mr. Sinister made the scene in X-Men.

There is some background to this, and a misunderstanding. Mr. Sinister looks a lot like Colossus. At the time Sinister appeared, Colossus had been missing from the roster for a while and I thought we were looking at a Colossus turned evil

But no such luck. Sinister is just another meglomaniacal mutant with ill-defined powers (though obviously very great ones since he can stand alone against the combined might of the X-people) bent on world domination for EVIL.

*SIGN* - boring - been there done that. And typical for Chris Claremont, the story was so fractured making refernce to obscure speeches by minor players, 15 issues ago, you had to takes note to know what the &^%$ was going on.

Sinister marked the beginning of the end of my love affair with the X-Men. I was just disappointed. In fact, I STILL think he ought to be an evilly incarnated Colossus. Between the same song, same verse aspect of the character and the explosion in X-titles at the same time - it was just time to quit.

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