Thursday, September 10, 2009



I am always interested in the connections between blog posts that the author seems not to make. Such was the case with Justin Taylor back in May. First he posted on how important approval seems to be in the academy. And then he posted how Satan would give up earthly control to maintain the power of accusation. There is a lot to be discussed about each post, but the thread that connects them is the power of approval. Academics want to be approved by academics and Satan knows that if he can disapprove, he can control, even without the apparent reins of control.

Think about that carefully, so much power, yet so ephemeral. There is no force there other than the force we grant it. No physical force, no spiritual force, all that leverage over us lies simply in our desire to be approved of. Which means, dear friends, that we, us, me, controls that power, not the other. If I don't care whether you (or anyone else) approve, then you have no power over me.

So why do we care so much? Why are we so willing to grant people such power over us? Particularly when there is only one being that we should care about, and His approval is evident on the cross.

Net time you are struggling against "powers" - remember its your power.

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