Monday, October 26, 2009


Ah, The Games We Play

How about this from the BBC:
An exam board has scrapped a GCSE biology question about creationism after admitting it could be misleading.

The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance paper asked pupils how the Bible's theory of creation seeks to explain the origins of life.

AQA stressed that pupils taking its biology GCSE were not required to study creationism as a scientific theory.

But it admitted that describing it as a "theory" could be misleading, and said it would review the wording of papers.

The review was prompted by a complaint from teachers and a university lecturer.
That strikes me as an extraordinarily sensitive, even trivial, concern. Majoring in the minors if you will. We are going to get into battles in the press over single questions on large exams?

What bothers me is that many Christians are going to take the bait here.

Did you ever notice how Jesus when confronted by the religious officialdom of His time and questioned about specific interpretations of specific provisions in the Talmudic codes usually dodged the question, turned it back on the officials, or used it as a object lesson to His larger audience. Yes it was such things that got Him killed (John 18:33-36), but from His death came His ultimate victory.

We so often forget that we are on an entirely different playing field. We have ultimate power. Our victory is not dependent on winning a battle over a question on a test. Our victory is dependent on the Holy Spirit - and He can pull victory from even death.

Leave little things to little people. Let's act like we have all the power - because we do.

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