Friday, October 23, 2009



Mark Daniels reposted a "tweet" he received:
Love the church, but don't let the church become your lover.
So much packed into so little. What a marvelous perspective on the church. What a marvelous perspective on why the Reformation needed to happen, or church splits, etc. today. What a marvelous perspective on idolatry in general.

How often do we make loves of that which we should merely love? And most importantly something in our Christian life. Some turn the expression of love that is obedience into a lover ad legalism is born. (It's not unlike confusing sex with love is it?) How many turn only one aspect of the Trinity into a lover? If such is the Holy Spirit, abusive blind Pentecostalism erupts. If such is the Father, gracelessness prevails. If we make a lover of grace, we end up sinning that grace may abound. If we make humility our lover, unengaged self-flagellating monasticism comes to the fore.

We must step back and examine ourselves. Is there some aspect of Christianity we find so appealing that it borders on lust? Of course, there is no physiological reaction (and least I hope, if there is, see a doctor) but something we obsess about.

There is a problem, our lover, the totality of God is incomprehensible. That's what makes it so easy to make a lover of some aspect of Him. But then, that should be the key. I don;t have to know all of Him - I just have to let Him know all of me.

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