Thursday, October 08, 2009


Trust is Earned

Mark Roberts looked at a fascinating issue a while back:
We live in a day when people are not inclined to trust leaders. Too often our leaders in government, business, church, and family have let us down. So, just because you’re in charge, this does not mean people will freely put their faith in you. Such trust must be earned, slowly, patiently, over time. It comes only when you prove that you are worthy of trust by your own faithfulness, wisdom, and commitment.
What a marked contrast that is to the style of leadership that grows the institution and pays little attention to the people in it. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, "let 'em go" there'll be someone else to 'fill that slot.'

But what this really points out is the difference between management and leadership. There are a lot of managers in this world, but few leaders. Management is easy, leadership is hard.

What strikes me is that an institution is managed, and the people within it are herded around like cattle. But individuals are lead, and as Christians we lead them to the Throne of Grace. Don't get me wrong, institutions are necessary and therefore so are managers, but such things do not substitute for leadership.

If we are all called to evangelism then we are all called to leadership.

What are you doing to become one?

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