Saturday, November 14, 2009


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One of the most maligned super-hero movies of all time is Ang Lee's "Hulk." I did not find it as bad as many and it had two outstanding features. One was the fact that the Hulk threw a tank - the second act fight in that movie was just awesome - much superior to the second act fight in the Edward Norton movie, even if that was a superior movie taken as a whole. The other idea that Lee had, even if he executed it abysmally, was to bring back The Absorbing Man. Lee also had the right idea to transfer that power to a different character. The one he chose was ALL WRONG, but the original - Crusher Creel - is a bit of an idiot. A power like that deserves something other than a thuggish muscle head wielding it - maybe even a hero.

Jack Kirby's original look for The Absorbing Man is pretty cool. You want a lots of exposed skin for the artist to play with texture as he absorbs characteristics of things and the ball and chain is cool, although pretty much just an affectation since he was originally a Thor villain and well, you had to match hammer with something. But again, like the rest of the Wrecking Crew he occasionally teamed with, he was all power and no smarts. The Absorbing Man power deserves smarts - even if is was smarter than the whole wrecking Crew put together by a couple of orders of magnitude.

"Crusher Creel" is; however, one of Stan Lee's better names. Never passing up the opportunity at alliteration, Stan outdid himself on this one. Crusher is about all there is to the character - although I think he should have the power to turn cars into cubes myself.

This power needs to be transferred to a hero - an Avenger even. Maybe Rick Jones - he has had about every power ever conceived from Bucky to Captain Marvel. Yeah I like that, Rick Jones as The Absorbing Man. This one is for free Marvelites - next brilliant idea and you can send a check.

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