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Set aside, at least for the moment, your modern relativism - look at this historically - what is the nastiest, most vile, extraordinary evil you can imagine. Well, if you said a "Nazi vampire" I will know you are not too far gone into the modern age. And that is what we are dealing with here in this edition of "So Bad, They're Good" - Baron Blood. I am a huge fan of the so-called the Golden Age of Comics (WWII), despite their hokiness because the lines between good and evil are so clearly drawn, and it just does not get much worse that a Nazi vampire.

When I was a kid I was less of a fan of Baron Blood's, more bat, less vampire . However, as an adult I have come to appreciate that the traditional Dracula appearance is meant to be deceptive, allowing the vampire to roam human society, while Baron Blood has no such desire - he just wants to create evil, although I still do not get a vampire in service to nazism, anybody for that matter.

More modern tellings of the story, as Marvel is currently revving up its WWII title in modern form, have shown the vampiric desire to create a master race of vampires. ALl this I hope is pointing to a story where Hitler comes near victory only to have the vampires, under the leadership of the good Baron, revolt and try to turn all the Nazis into vampires and establish their master race that way. There is a delicious irony to that.

I also think there has got to be a Marvel/DC crossover story here - Baron Blood v Batman - come on, you know that one would be incredible.

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