Monday, November 30, 2009


How To Tell?

Milt Stanley links to Stacy Harp who says:
The question is simple enough. “Are you a Christian?” It’s direct. It’s personal. It’s a yes/no point of truth. Then what is difficult about the answer? The problem is not that Christians don’t know how to answer. The real problem is that others aren’t asking us the question often enough. We don’t live in such a distinct way that anyone thinks to ask what is different about our lives.
A very smart friend, that I have known for decades, said to me the other day, "We may believe like Calvinists. but we should live like Armenians." I thought that just about summed it up.

I am consistently amazed at people that reduce Christian faith to a simple "belief formula" - to mere theology.

Maybe it just comes down to this. Christ was the ultimate Christian. (There's a no-brainer.) What defines his life - his preaching? Yes, we pay attention to that, but come on - what defines it? His death and resurrection - his ACTIONS. Christ came to this world not to preach, but to act.

If we are to be His, are we not to do the same?

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