Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Empowered by Christ

Milt Stanley link to a "confession" on what genuine faith can do. Milt's pullquote:
I confess, today, that it is easier to live by my ideals than it is to follow God on His terms.
made me think I was going to read an interesting post on how much of what we call the church, ends up as an idol. And in a way it was, but that is not really how it fleshed out. Consider this from towards the end:
And it requires Jesus... the real One. Not the tame one we box into 90 minutes on an occasional Sunday morning, but the one Who is with you all the time and longs for us to quit putting on the masks we prefer to wear.
Idols, in fact the most dangerous idols, are our conceptions of Christ, as opposed to Christ Himself. But the thing that struck me so vividly when I read the I read the list of characteristics that following the true Christ would produce is that that's the problem with idols - they prevent us from enjoying the full glory of God in our lives.

And that's all an idol is, something that prevents God from working fully in our lives. We tend to think of idols as "evil" and they are in a theological sense, but in a reality sense they can be ethically neutral. They may not make us engage in sex-dripping pagan worship rituals. We can have idols and be very "normal," ethical people. They just prevent us from being the glorious creations of God we were intended to be.

What's your idol?

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