Monday, December 21, 2009


Making Room For The Holy Spirit

Dan Edelen tells a story that sounds all too familiar, then seems to switch gears:
If we’re to make a difference in the education of Christians in America, we have got to start bridging the gap between the word of God and the Spirit of God. Because in truth, the only gap that exists in that gapless relationship occurs because of you and me. We’re the problem. The Spirit and the Scriptures are perfect.
What a marvelous thought! Dan goes on to talk about how the Holy Spirit did not give knowledge to the apostles at Pentecost. Great point, but I get nervous with the example because too many people then develop the same out-of-proportion focus on what The Holy Spirit did give in that instance as the whole knowledge thing in others.

But I do like the fact that he points out we are the problem. And the Holy Spirit is the solution to us. It is the Holy Spirit that remakes us - and when we are remade, we will be able to handle the situation Dan describes, or any other.

I guess it comes down to how we identify the gap Dan decries. Too many think it a gap between the intellectual and the mystical. I disagree, it is a gap between the intellectual and the life-changing. Yes, the mystical may play a role in life-changing, but many lives have changed through other means.

Making room for the Holy Spirit does not mean you become a healer or speak in tongues - at least not always. It sometimes means, simply, that we let what we know seep through into who we are and how we act. It means that the gospel take full bloom in our lives - that we are transformed into His image.

Too often we use our intellect as a shield, not from bad ideas, but to keep good ones compartmentalized and away from actual execution.

Making room for the Holy Spirit means real, deep change in who we are. It's scary, but it is wonderful

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