Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Tell It Like It Is - What A Concept

Church Marketing Sucks put up an interesting idea:
But what if we took the idea of helping people find a church to the next level? What if instead of just pointing to other churches, we were honest about what people would find at our church? What if we acknowledged our flaws up front so visitors could find out now instead of after six months of pew-warming? What if we gave visitors fair warning about our flaws, issues and firm convictions?
He then goes on to rather sarcastically provide a number of suggestions - some of them funny if you are in the right mood, but in another mood just disturbing. He closes with:
What about your church? If you had to give fair warning to a visitor, what would your church say? They may be honest, embarrassing or nothing to apologize for, but visitors should know. They'll find out eventually.
What a concept - "They'll find out eventually." Could not agree more. He aims his sarcasm at things like worship styles and stances on homosexuality, but what if we aimed deeper - discussed spiritual matters?

Too often we offer people salvation without transformation. We talk about "your sins are forgiven," but mention the "go and sin no more" only in the deepest darkest recesses of a barely attended Sunday school class.

Why do so many churches have a revolving door? Is it really about stuff like worship style and altar calls? Or maybe its because they come and find no roots? Trees, even in a storm, generally stay put when their roots are deep and strong.

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