Thursday, January 21, 2010


Go With The Flow

Although a bit more poetic than I am typically attracted to, this post by Graham Buck at CGO is a great one:
I find that my life is a pasticcio of one ‘coincidence’ after another.

What do I mean by this? For some, it seems as if they have everything planned out and have the ability to follow through with those plans. For others, it seems as if they are free-spirits, floating on the wind of what ever may come their way. For me, I so want to be the first, yet experience some strange confluence of the two. For all my best efforts to the contrary I am dragged along, sometimes kicking and screaming, by the inexorable draw of providence. It is a feeling hard to describe, but one that I am sure everyone with eyes to see inherently knows.
Being "an engineering type," I plan everything. Fred Thompson's famous line here was actually written about me:

Yet, when I look back on my life, how few of those plans have been realized - at least the way I planned them. And how much pain I caused myself, by continuing with "the plan" long after God had discarded it. In some ways, I envy Mr. Buck and his more artistic kin and their ability to appear aimless. I cannot possibly live that way, but sometimes it looks so inviting.

But I will settle for simply learning to listen to God. Ofttimes His plans are not revealed beyond tomorrow. I would settle for learning how to place Him in charge instead of me.

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