Tuesday, January 05, 2010


How To Change The World?

quotes a Philly paper on a "sermon" by George Gallup (Yes, the George Gallup.)
Believers could transform the world in a decade by remaining faithful to the church, by caring for others and, by their example, making it easier for people to believe in God, said George Gallup, who has spent 50 years in the field of polling.
Interesting beginning, with the exception of that "making it easier..." part I'm right there with him. I mean how hard it is to believe in God is up to God and nothing worth having is easy. But, the caring and example stuff is pretty good. It continues:
He also said that the lack of cohesiveness among various churches leaves a spiritual vacuum that church leaders could fill if they banded together to speak for those who are marginalized by society.
OK, now I starting to worry, ecumenism and social justice in a single sentence - that's troubling. And then there is this repeat:
He urged the congregation to counter "lukewarm" attitudes by "living spontaneously and with abandon, making it easier for others to believe in God," he said.
Ok, we've descended into liberal claptrap.

There are forces at work to rob the church of two very fundamental things. 1) Truly being a disciple of Jesus is hard, not easy. God has never intended it to be easy - He'll provide us with all the help we need if we let Him, but that's still hard, it's just hard with help. 2) Sin and evil are real, the key to truly being a Christian is to learn how to identify and condemn them while still loving. And that is the hardest task of all.

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