Friday, February 26, 2010


Gracious Humility

A Place for the God Hungry examines graciousness. I was deeply convicted by this:
Some people seem to think they know most everything. They have a way of correcting you in a way that feels condescending. You slip and make a mistake. They have the answer or feel like they have to make some kind of demeaning comment. They have a way of making you feel silly for each and every blunder you make. After all, they are evidently beyond all of this.
"Demeaning comment" can be anything from a glance to a tone of voice, to something actually said by the way - I know I do it all.

But there is a flip side and that is people that are so insecure that simply knowing they do not know something causes them to react defensively. Is graciousness possible in such a circumstance if correction is mandatory? We live in a defensive world - making graciousness terribly difficult. For example there are very few homosexuals that can hear the words "Homosexual practice is a sin" as gracious, no matter how hard the speaker works to be gracious and to deliver the words graciously.

Christ died for them, even if they don't know it. This leads me to the question. Does our graciousness and humility extend to the point were we "die?" Not on a cross, we're not Jesus, but we die about being "right?" To continue with the example do we let same sex marriage become a reality out of graciousness and humility?

The most righteous, in fact the only truly righteous, man in history died rather than prove His righteousness to the idiots of His time. There was no limit to His humility. Are we right to place limits on ours?

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