Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hurt and Healing at Home

Desiring God:
But sometimes following Jesus means being sent back to a place where we once knew desolation and indescribable pain. The thought of returning there conjures up fears of our old demons and the people who knew us as we were back then. But it is there that the grace of God in our lives will shine the brightest.

What Jesus wants us to know is that his salvation and his protection extend to those old, horrible haunts. If he can break the death-grip Satan once had on us and set us free, then he can redeem the places of our former slavery and make them showcases of God’s omnipotent grace.

Do not be afraid. The Good Shepherd will walk with you and protect you on the darkest road (Psalm 23:4). Declare how much God has done for you. You are being sent because there are other tomb-people to free.
Wonderful words, but frightening. I have (had?) such a place. I truly thought it past tense, but events of recent years have caused much of the pain and hurt to resurface. They are deep scars.

One wonders what this was like for the man years later, or if Elijah (I Kings 19) ever had dark periods again?

We are reminded that the victory is won, but the battle is far from over. We are reminded that the victory is not ours, but His. We can't win - only He can. God gives us such places to remind us that only He can win the victory.

But we must remind ourselves that He has, and we must do as He tells us.

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