Friday, February 12, 2010


Living With The Mess

Mark Daniels:
Sage advice from United Methodist bishop William Willimon to his flock in northern Alabama. But it's good for all to know: Being a Christian doesn't exempt us from the messiness of life. Christ never claimed that it would. Sometimes faithfulness is a sure predictor of trouble. In fact, Jesus does promise that faith in Him will bring us trouble in this world. But He also promises to be with us always...and to give us life with God forever.
I grow increasingly weary of the "perfect life" versions of Christianity that seem so prevalent these days. This is something deeper than the prosperity gospel and more insidious than the cheap grace of much of mega church Evangelicalism. It's the idea that with Jesus life will be the Norman Rockwell picture postcard version of life.

It's like we forget that Jesus and the majority of the apostles died violently, and not in car wrecks either. We are to "run the race," "not be conformed," and "consider it all joy." This is the language of struggle and strife, not suburban bliss.

A true disciple of Jesus joins the struggle with joy for it is a struggle to the rewards beyond imagining.

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