Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Oh So Wrong

"Science and the Sacred" blog honked me off by posting a quote that begins this way:
"God does not call us to a life of studying science -- he calls us to a life of following in Christ's footsteps.
Studying science and following in Christ's footsteps are hardly mutually exclusive activities. Admittedly, the point of the quote is not that - its patience between different groups in Christianity - like young earth creationists and those that hold "gradual creation" (evolution). A fair enough point, but how we make a point often matters as much as the point we are making, and in this case that is no way to make a point.

God has and will continue to call many people to study science. They are called to do so in a loving and patient manner, but called to such study they are indeed. The juxtaposition the author creates here INCREASES the tension between the groups he seeks to create civility between.

But there is a broader point here. Being a Christian is, in a sense, about us, not what we do. We are called to many professions, from construction worker to professor, file clerk to lawyer, politician to pastor - all are callings. Being a "Christian" one of those is about who we are in that setting.

Things are to the Lord's enemies - WE are - unless we allow His Spirit to fill us and to transform us into His allies. We need to stop looking for the things around us that "stand in the way of faith" and start looking at ourselves.

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