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JollyBlogger quotes Oswald Chambers:
I am not saved by believing— I simply realize I am saved by believing.
Agreed, but somehow the statement terrifies me. To many people take it as license rather than understand the humility that MUST be born of such a realization. Our "realization" is insufficient and incomplete. We act as if we are deserving of such incredible grace, such immeasurable love. The result is a church that looks no different than the world, which means that the realization is never truly passed on.

I am not saved by my repentance, but my repentance is necessary to truly realize God's grace.

When we fail to discuss our sin, when, for the sake of the seeker, we do not point out how deeply offensive we really are, the grace we realize is insignificant. We all grant insignificant grace daily. Even though someone cutting us off in traffic can anger us, it also often goes uncommented upon. It is an insignificant grace. Or the person that ungraciously races to beat us into the grocery store line - again, even if it elicits minor irritation, it eventually is forgotten. It is an insignificant grace.

But our transgressions towards God are not so easily forgotten. There is nothing insignificant in the grace He grants us. If for no other reason that He is God - KING, one does not ignore Him or His commands - such is treason and punishable by death. You see, in the end its not about us, its about Him.

God's grace is so often discussed, but its depth, width, height and mass rarely is. Yet therein lies the true miracle of it. The world is full of grace, and full of grace which we do not acknowledge. But only God's grace is that big, that incomparably immense - so big that the ignore it is sin itself.

I tire of hearing of grace, I want to hear of GRACE!

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