Wednesday, February 24, 2010



Classical Presbyterian quotes a guy that writes with lots of big words And that guy is writing about Jonathon Edwards. There is no pullquote that summarizes the whole thing, so I'll just hit what I consider the highlights here. They are two fold.

Morality is Complex

There is a long discussion about what makes an act or act 'virtuous.' It is not easy to unpack - there are issue of motivation and underlying principles.

So, why is this important? Well, in the bubblegum world we tend to reduce morality to simple sentences of words of one syllable or less - in other words, a sound bite. God made is to think a little harder than that and the church needs to be a place to teach same. Nowadays the church tends to be a place that dumbs down rather than educates up.

I'm not asking the church to become a university - I'm just asking it to ask something of its members.

The Transformation Offered by The Holy Spirit Is Total

The Holy Spirit comes to make us virtuous people. Note that the virtuousness of an act depends on more than simply the act itself. To act virtuously we must think, feel and be motivated virtuously.

How many of us actually submit ourselves to that level of transformation?

The place to start is on our knees - I for one wish to be virtuous.

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