Monday, March 22, 2010


BEING Broken

Somethings cannot be taught, they must be experienced.

That is certainly the thought that ran through my mind when I read this post by Ron Edmundson:
It is easy during times of trials and difficulty to forget the value of brokenness. Not many people would choose to be burdened with heartache or disappointment, but few that go through suffering fail to realize some value from those times…after the trial has passed.

As I was recently reflecting on my own times of distress, I discovered 7 values to brokenness
Everything Ron discusses is true, and right, and valuable, but...

But analyzing brokenness is a way of escaping it. God does not want us to understand the value of brokenness, he wants us to be broken. He does not want us to put our pain into context, He wants us to, in the midst of the pain, lean on Him.

When we learn the lessons of brokenness, we substitute our understanding for His strength - we substitute an intellectual lesson for a meta-physical one.

The value of brokenness is in living through it, not understanding it.

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