Saturday, March 13, 2010


Comic Art


You know, you just cannot call yourself a comic book publisher these days unless you have a bad guy with an abnormally large, really deformed head. We have seen two such characters for Marvel in these spaces before - MODOK and The Leader. but today we turn our attention to the DC version of such a character - Hector Hammond. Primarily a Green Lantern foil, the first thing that needs to happen is Hector Hammond needs s cool super-villain name. "Help-I've-fallen-and-I-can't-pick-my-head-up-Man" comes to mind.

Hammond dates back to 1961, but he was actual mobile then. Lately, his head has gotten so big that he is actually funny to look at. The artists have had to resort to atmospherics to make this guy look menacing. I mean come on, I have bobbleheads with better proportions.

Hector is supposedly a "future man" - that is to say what we will evolve into many, many years in the future, his transformation brought on by an alien meteorite he stumbles upon. That seemed to be a theme of the 60's - men evolving into sheer brain power. Who can forget this memorable episode of The Outer Limits?

But in the words of the Dylan song, "The times they are a-changing," and Hammond is a character that at least in appearance has reached the limits of even comic credibility. The whole hidden-menace, invisible-chess-master thing they have going with him makes some sense as plot, but come on, GL could just pop that over-sized head like the infected zit it appears to be.

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