Saturday, March 27, 2010


Comic Art


Well, last time in our space we looked a a baddie with a really big head - so why buck a trend, we shall continue to look at baddies with misshaped melons. (Hey - check out the pic at the bottom of this post - that's a bunch of messed up heads.) This by the way, raises a question - why is it only bad guys end up all deformed? There is a subtle form of bigotry at play here, but that is a subject for another time.

Today we turn our attention to a literal Egghead. NO! - this is not the Vincent Price character from the bad '60's Batman TV series. This is a Marvel villain who originally appeared as an opponent of the Astonishing Ant-Man!

Apparently Egghead is dead now - at least the one with the cool head. There is some robot pretender about that looks really malevolent, but come on, you have to love a guy whose head is actually shaped like an egg. I am sure they killed him because he came off too corny for the modern age, but then what's wrong with corny?

In fact, why stop at Egghead? 'Ol Eggy joined several bad-guy groups over the decades, why not one made up of guys named solely for the shape of their heads. There could be "Moonhead" (really big, really round) and Pearhead (you get the idea here, in fact a whole bunch of fruit heads) and of course, Carrothead.

Hey Marvel - that's a freebie!

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