Thursday, March 25, 2010


Victory By Submission

Mark Daniels reflects on his daily devotional:
Every time I resist temptation, it represents a triumph of Jesus Christ over all that would do me everlasting harm.
Triumph...VICTORY comes from obedience - that is to say submission to the will of our Lord.

I find it odd how often we forget this. Christ's ultimate victory for us came through submission to the will of His Father, (Matt 26:36-44) and we are to share in that victory (Gal 2:20) - how is it then that we expect our victory to be on terms other than submissive ones? It is right there in our face - we all know scripture, we all understand the words, and yet we behave so differently.

Could there be any stronger evidence that the Christian's journey in far more than an intellectual one?

The challenge for us as individuals and for the church is to find out how to take and lead that non-intellectual portion of the journey. This is why word became flesh and "virtual church" will never work - there are some things too deep for words. (Rom 8:26).

Liturgy - art - beauty - these are but doorways to this place...

...this place of victory through submission.

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