Saturday, April 24, 2010


Comic Art

Last time we looked at the baddies, we looked at the DC version of "the robot that was the whole JLA - Amazo." As we said, Marvel had their own version, and that is who we turn to today - The Super-Adaptoid. For some reason, this guy has never caught on as much as Amazo (Probably the lack of TV exposure)but the Super-Adaptoid is to this eye a much "cooler" character.

Let's start with its appearance and move on from there.

If you'll remember, the classic Amazo looked like a giant elf with an attitude. The Super-Adaptoid is a blank slate whose appearance alters as he absorbs and utilizes powers. When it comes to creating visual interest, that's just cool, although I woul have liked to have seen the clashing colors of all the costumes rather than just that green, but cool nonetheless.

Then there is the origin story, the product of the evil A.I.M., created with a shard of the only-from-the-mind-of-Kirby "Cosmic Cube," you just expect this guy to be one bad mother-("shut your mouth") - but I'm talking about the Super-Adaptoid! If you are unfamiliar with the Cosmic Cube, read up a little. For a long time it was Marvel bad-guys Holy Grail - but you never knew quite what it was all about - it was just "cosmic" and you knew that spelled trouble in the wrong hands. (Stuff like that, you just have to love Kirby.)

But back to the look of this guy. A.I.M. was run by MODOK of the big head, another wisually stunning character. When the SA and MODOK hit the panel together, that was a picture you could look at for hours.

When it comes to power duplicating androids - I'll take the Super Adaptoid every time!

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