Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Creative for the Creator

The AP carried a story about "Christian Copycats."
Christian stores have just the Christmas gift for Facebook fans: A "Jesus Christ wants to be your friend" T-shirt that mimics the design of the popular social networking site.

Do you like shirts from teen retailer Abercrombie & Fitch? How about a Christian copycat that transforms the chain's name to "Abreadcrumb & Fish," a reference to the biblical story of Jesus miraculously feeding the multitudes with bread and a few fish?

American retailers sell about $4.6 billion worth of Christian products annually, and some are spoofs or spinoffs of commercial logos or brand names. Many such goods are illegal, trademark attorneys say, but companies often don't put up a fight for fear of being labeled anti-faith.
I am officially disgusted. We'll leave the illegality aside for the moment and just focus on a single fact - Christians should define culture, not imitate or mock it.

"But...But...But..." - NO! NO Buts, we should be. We worship the most creative entity in existence - the one that created everything. We should be the most creative people because we are supposed to reflect His creative nature. But instead we stoop to stealing creative ideas. Shame -- SHAME!

What has gone wrong in our faith that we have gotten to this point?

For one, the theologians have taken over. Theology is important, vitally important, but so is this other stuff, but theology seems to have pushed it all out of the way. "Christian" movies have to be vetted to make sure they conform with trinitarian thought and a proper understanding of "the gospel." Christian music sounds like it comes from a computer program with a set of 16 words and 15 melodic phrases that are simply mixed and remixed in endless combinations because those words and phrases have been judged theologically acceptable.

What that is really a reflection of is that we have reduced Christianity to a belief system instead of what it truly is - A LIFE CHANGING SPIRITUAL JOURNEY THAT ENCOMPASSES ALL OF OUR BEING! It is supposed to make us better, morally, ethically, emotionally, intellectually and creatively. Instead it seems anymore to turn us into pat-phrase-spitting, dogmatic cultural critics. In stead of being thoughtful we are thoughtless.

Instead of being creative, we are thieves.

Oh Lord Help Us!

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