Thursday, April 01, 2010


Who Holds Whom?

Ron Edmondson writes:
The life of a believer is not always rosy. I’m quite sorry if you are new to the faith and that surprises or disappoints you. Sometimes the outside world assumes that because we claim to know God personally that we have somehow risen above the stresses of life. That is far from the truth.

No, the Christian life is filled with strife. At times life is glorious, and at those times we can easily see the hand of our God at work in our lives. Other times, however, life gets to be a bitter battle just to stay afloat. We drift along, sometimes barely holding on to the hand of our Creator.

But we do hold on…and, praise His name, even more than that, He holds on to us. He has never let one of His children go; not one of them has ever been forsaken.
[emphasis added]
How often in times of crisis and stress do we struggle to do something, anything, when what we really need to do is rest in the arms of the One who grips us so tightly. We pledge to be more devoted to our devotionals, or prayer more, or go on a missions - we try to hold on to God.

But what we really need to do is to cease trying so hard, and be held. It's funny, but if we rest in Him, much of the problem resolves without the circumstances changing. Have you ever thought about that - simple perspective matters so much. What seems to be a big problem, when viewed standing on our own to feet, seems very small when resting in the arms of the Lord.
Psalm 46:10 - Cease striving and know that I am God...

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