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Comic Art


Let's continue looking at baddies that have virtual dopplegangers in the two comic universes, DC and Marvel. Today we will turn our attention to the DC version of the ultimate marksman - Deadshot. Despite repeated efforts to make this guy interesting, he remains pretty flat. He has no "powers" other than being preternaturally good with a gun, and he has no real motivation of than an assassin's paycheck, which is why, in the end, he is relegated to "member of a group" status. I personally think that Deadshot and his Marvel counterpart (see you in two weeks) raise an interesting question. H ow come "good with a gun" is not an heroic attribute? Good with arrows is (trick, non-lethal arrows anyway) why not guns?

Anyway, as you can see here, Deadshot is almost as old as Batman, thus grossly pre-dating his Marvel counterpart, although it must be said he has been through some serious costume changes over the years. The wrist gun was never a good idea - if it was, they'd exist in reality - and I kind of like the whole mummyface thing, but holster and six shooter of top hat and tails? What was Bob Kane thinking (or smoking?)

In fact, I think Deadshot has a better look than his Marvel double, but he has no real panache. In point of fact, his johnny-come-lately origins just smell too much like they are trying to copy Marvel's fairly interesting, if oddly attired Bullseye.

Personally, I think the guy needs a make-over, again. It's been done, but maybe it could be done better - turn him into a cyborg that actually is a gun. Pre-mature firing jokes would be endless.

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