Saturday, May 22, 2010


Comic Art


We've been looking at villains that have doppelgangers in the two big publisher's universes. Last week we looked at DC's "Deadshot" and this week we turn to Marvel's Bullseye.

I don't want to say this guy is twisted, but I've met straighter pretzels. Crazy, maniacal, sadistic, all these pleasant words and more apply to Bullseye. Frankly if we were using personalities instead of "powers" to establish the parallels here this guy would match up to the Joker much better that Deadshot. He's nuts and he loves to kill.

He is highly popular amongst fandom, and is probably Daredevil's greatest enemy. What am I saying Bullseye killed Electra for crying out loud - making him the man that ruined DD's life.

You know, as I look at the art I have selected to illustrate this piece this morning, the Joker analogy really works. This one at left is remarkably reminiscent of one of Batman's ultimate enemy's finer appearances.

Which makes me wonder - everybody think Moon Knight is a cheap Batman rip-off anyway. And while MK and Bullseye have locked horns - having them do the round-and-round might just recapture some of the magic for Moonie and pull him out of the death spiral he has been on for a while. His image is too cool to let it go.

But this is about Bullseye and comparisons to Deadshot. Look there is none. Deadshot has faded into the woodwork while Bullseye has become a bona fide star. Deadshot looks cooler, but it ends there, the Bullseye character is just so much more interesting. Which also makes me thinks Bullseye needs a new look, but that is just me.


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