Monday, May 17, 2010


How To Be A Good Christian

Justin Taylor quotes Dorothy Sayers:
The official Church wastes time and energy, and moreover, commits sacrilege, in demanding that secular workers should neglect their proper vocation in order to do Christian work—by which she means ecclesiastical work. The only Christian work is good work well done. Let the Church see to it that the workers are Christian people and do their work well, as to God: then all the work will be Christian work, whether it is Church embroidery or sewage-farming.
When I was younger, but just out of professional ministry, I viewed my job as something I did to enable my volunteer work. It has only been with the perspective of years that I have come to see my secular profession as a calling. What has the perspective of years provided? - lives touched.

My business has grown quite successful in the last 5-7 years. There are a lot of years of sufficient success prior to that, but abundance has been a recent development. There are many things that have happened to bring this about, but one of them has been a couple of small ethnic communities that have come to appreciate my work. They know I work hard, I work well, and I work inexpensively - all things they appreciate. They are all decent people, but they also are not Christians. As such, their approach to work is not to help their customers so much as to supply as little service as possible for as much money.

In the course of events I have come to enjoy a much broader, and more loyal, customer base than they, much of it on their recommendation - and they have started to ask why. Lives are changing, Christ's body is growing, and all I did was work hard and well.

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