Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Measuring Outcomes

Ron Edmundson says we should measure the "outputs" of spiritual growth, not the "inputs":

If you measure only inputs of your spiritual growth…such as…

  • How many times you read your Bible
  • How many minutes a day you pray
  • How many people you invite to church

You’ll often feel like a failure in your spiritual life.

If you measure the outputs of your spiritual growth…such as…

  • Are you becoming more patient?
  • Are you learning to love people that are hard to love?
  • Do you desire to be more like Christ today than you once desired?

You can discern if you are really growing spiritually.

Fair enough to a point. If we must measure, then this is where we ought to look, but I wonder if spiritual growth can be measured? And sometimes I wonder the value of trying to measure.

You see, measurement implies control. But is not true, deep spiritual growth precisely giving up control?

I certainly think there are seasons in our walk with God where trying not to measure is far more important than the right measure. Think about it - we may be measuring patience when God is working on charity. It is also important to note that God, in the end, is beyond our comprehension and measurement. Seeking to measure what He is doing in our lives limits Him, it defines a boundary. How dare we place limits on the limitless?

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