Thursday, May 06, 2010


So NOW Everybody Wants To Talk About It

Al Mohler writes about the "environmental religion." I find myself in one of those frustrated places - I've been writing about it forever, but it takes a "heavyweight" to get people to take the discussion seriously. But, no sense complaining - on the the meat of the matter.

Mohler is discussing the nature of the environmental religion. He points to a couple of interesting characteristics - 1) That it has it's own set of sins, and 2) that it is apocalyptic in nature. He is basing his discussion on the article "Green Guilt" by Stephen T. Asma.

Boy, talk about you evangelistic opportunity! The rise of this "religion" takes place because of the void the church has left in the lives of so many Christians. We do not talk of hell or sin anymore, and so into the gap steps a deeply false religion.

People know they are sinners. It's only "churchy" people that don't want to hear about it. That's the real problem with modern Evangelicalism, we aren't converting anybody, we are not being truly evangelical - we're just shifting the deck chairs. Like Wal-Mart closing all the small local businesses - they don't bring new dollars to the market, they just take ALL the dollars that are being spent.

But therein, I think also lies a solution to the problem - maybe a new vision for the dying churches, pushed out by the trendy Evangelical mega-churches. They could step into the "truly evangelical" gap. They could talk to the people drawn to this false religion. They can tap into the innate sense of sin that we all have.

Some small businesses do survive when Wal-Mart moves into town. They find new markets, new customers, and in this case OLD products - certainly BETTER products.

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