Friday, May 28, 2010


This Oughta Work!

Mark Daniels quotes Chuck Swindoll, I'll expand the quote a bit:
Rather than trying to ape the world’s system, God points us in another direction. It’s a way of life that stays out of step with the world and yet is not aloof from those in the world.

The early church didn’t ask God to bless their gimmicks. So, the church today doesn’t need gimmicks to attract people—it needs pastors who lead prayerfully, biblical truth preached passionately, and Christianity lived out authentically.
[emphasis added]
I love this - it's a way of saying Christians are supposed to be a little weird, but not so weird that people leave them in the corner like barking madpersons.

I keep being stuck on the fact that when done properly, Christianity is going to produce people that are demonstrably different. But it is more than belief for belief without works is void. It's more than ethics, I know a lot of ethical atheists. It's more than miracles, they can be faked. It must be some combination of those things, and yet more....

Much of it lies in a willingness to be different, to both standout, and to joyfully withstand the consequences of standing out.

Are you willing to be weird?

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