Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Are Christians Defeatists?

Scot McKnight talks about criticizing and defending church:
Admit that an Augustinian ecclesiology is perhaps what we need because it's what we've got.

Perhaps a cracked Fellowship of cracked Eikons is the point of what the church is!

Perhaps that's why the churches have always put the Eucharist table in the middle. We come to the Table to partake in God's forgiving grace because we're cracked Eikons. When cracked Eikons form a fellowship, you get a cracked Fellowship. In the cracks God works his grace.
There is nothing but truth there, but in its heart lies defeatism, or at least the roots of defeatism.

Indeed, God's grace is evident in the cracks, but the point of that grace is to heal, even remove the cracks. We have to draw a fine line between accepting God's grace and thanking God for its infinity and embracing that grace as reason to just let the cracks stay there.

As the Apostle reminds us in Romany 6:15:
What then? Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace? May it never be!
So no, the church is not perfect, and no we are not to leave it an start over, but we can never, ever revel in that imperfection or expect that falleness. We must always strive for better, we must struggle to improve, we must mourn the imperfections and decry the hurt they cause.

Anything less makes us defeatists, and we have the ultimate victory!

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