Monday, June 28, 2010


Avoiding Christian Substance With Style

From Jesus Creed and Paul McCain @ Evangel come two examples of things that Christians do to "seem" without actually being Christian.

I don't know where this idea developed that we have to do something in order to sanctify that activity. God does not sanctify activities or things - He sanctifies us. And then when we do them, we bring sanctity to them.

But then, I think that also explains the problems - it is much easier to brand a mint or steal a song than it is to let the Holy Spirit work in our hearts and actually change us. Just like the Pharisees turned legal compliance to a high art all the while being rotten to the core, so we have turned "Chrisyianifying" into "high" art.

But also like the Pharisees, we let that stuff stand in the way of actually doing what it is that God wants to do in our lives. We use it as a way of avoiding what it is God has really called us to.

Forget the tastelessness, the tackiness, the general silliness of all this, and think about that for a minute. The problem is just not the "Huh?" factor as that it diverts people from the reality of what Jesus Christ can do for us.

So my question is "Evil" or just "stupid?"

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